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NFTamimi is a collection of 950 unique digital magazine cover collectables. Each cover represents its own narrative, a story that gives you a glimpse into the shifting sands of the Middle East and North Africa over a 30-year period.

The exclusive NFT collection comes from the leading law firm, Al Tamimi & Company. The magazine covers represent its renowned Law Update, the monthly legal handbook revered by the business and legal community.

The public mint will start on the 14th of November at 12:00 PM (GST). Maximum 2 NFTs per wallet.

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When you acquire an NFTamimi you will own a unique moment in time. An exclusive digital magazine cover (NFT) from the Law Update collection that has been curated specifically to capture a journey that represents the evolution of a region. Al Tamimi & Company is the first law firm in the Middle East and North Africa to introduce NFTs.

The Golden Frame
From the full collection of 950, 16 magazine covers have a golden frame, which gives the owner exclusive access to our membership portal or free legal advice. This is only applicable if you mint a cover with a golden frame, which is randomly distributed. After minting, you will discover if you are one of the fortunate ‘golden’ owners. For our terms & conditions, please click here.

The NFTamimi drop will be divided into two phases, a private mint for our clients and partners, 500 NFTs. The public mint will be 450 NFTs. All the NFTs that are not minted in the private mint will be available for the public mint. Both phases combined will have a maximum of 2 NFTs per wallet. The public mint will start on the 14th of November at 12:00 PM (GST).

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